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B+C Gift

Gift giving for all of life's events, not just the happy ones!

You're busy, we get it! Sometimes shopping and deciding on a gift can be overwhelming or confusing. We're here to fix that for you...

Choose from our premade boxes or build your own. Pick 1 item or 10, the choice is yours! Add a card, and create your own personalised message for that extra special touch. We'll package it all up in a beautiful white box, seal it with a sticker and send it with love to your bestie, Mum, sister, cousin, niece, daughter - heck anyone you like! 

Gifts don't just have to be just for birthdays and Christmas... think of a friend who's had a bad day parenting, someone battling a tough time with their health, a recent passing of a pet, Nana who's landed herself in hospital or your child's favourite coach. Give them something other than flowers this time.

Take the hassle out of buying a gift, let us do all the work for you. Bliss + Chaos has got you sorted for all the important gals in your life!