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New Gift Boxes

Ok, so I did a thing... I followed my heart and my passion and created a product I absolutely love.  I've been thinking about this for a while, one night it came to me (literally in the middle of the night) and then I couldn't shake that thought from my brain, so I finally stopped procrastinated and just started doing.

I  trialled products, googled how-to's and discovered what truly made my heart sing.  I enlisted help from gorgeous friends, got some brand graphics sorted, tried out different scents, colours, companies and came up with B+C Gift.  

I ordered all my product labels from Sticker Dot and they have been amazing to deal with - if you haven't tried them yet, check them out, exceptional service!   So my vision is that you can order a pre-made gift box (too easy!) or build your own box where everything matches and looks cohesive. 

I am so proud. I LOVE this idea. It's still a work in progress, it's literally brand new but I think it's going to be great.  It's gifts for everyone and it makes gift giving fun! Especially for those of us that are swamped with Mum life - it's a total time-saver being able to shop online.

I wanted to make a product line that was suitable for not just life's major events, and not just the happy ones, but for everything that life brings. Whether it be to celebrate a milestone birthday or mourning the loss of a loved one, sending a simple pick-me-up to a friend going through a rough time or your mother in law has landed herself in hospital B+C Gift has got you covered.

Come join me in this wild ride, follow along and of course, all feedback is welcome!

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