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Mumlife...so great but so hard!

I'm a Mum of 3 and sometimes parenting feels fun and easy, life just flows well and other times, it's complete and utter chaos. Some days I think I'm nailing it and others my head is in my hands wondering where I'm going wrong.  That's mum life isn't it?! It's totally up and down - in fact that's where the name of my clothing brand came from Bliss + Chaos - it sums up motherhood don't you think? No-one really has it all sorted and we just have to remember to cherish the good days and remember that on the bad days, there will always be good days to follow. If today has been a good day for you, YAY! be grateful for it; if today has been a bad day for you let's just kick that into touch and hope for a better one tomorrow. You've totally got this.

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