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Valentines Day Gift Box

"Valentines" gift box

Candle, Matches, Car Diffuser, Chocolate Hearts, Hersheys Kisses, Card

Let someone special know you're thinking of them on February 14th with this gorgeous wee gift box. Includes:

~ "You're the best" candle in Lychee + Guava scent

~ Matches, long match sticks in pink/white/black

~ Car diffuser (Choose from 3x different scents)

~ 3x Chocolate Hearts

~ 5x Hersheys Kisses

~ Happy Valentines card with your own personalised message

Packaged up in a cute white box and sent either to you or direct to the person you're gifting it to.


Lychee + Guava scent with the message "You're the best"


Long matches with a unique black head

Car Diffuser

Choose from 3x different scents

Chocolate Hearts

3x solid milk chocolate hearts

Hersheys Kisses

5x Hersheys kisses


A little white card to send your personal message

Message in card

Write a short message to be handwritten in your card

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